What She Is..

It was another boring day at work. Karen lazily walked to the bathroom. She had so much time to kill, and the book she was reading, kept losing her attention. Once inside the bathroom, she took a turn for the endless row of empty toilets, but something made her stop in her tracks.

There was a mirror on the wall, not five feet away. She turned to it once again, and stared at the girl who stared back at her. Karen slowly walked closer to to the mirror and watched as her eyes looked her over. Words from the past flooded into her head.

Beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, seductive, wanted, angel, vampire.. slut.

All those words spun in her head, as she stood captivated by the image she saw. She could see it now. She could tell, is wasn’t the fact that she was perfect. She had braces, her nose was a little big, her right eye appeared slightly more closed then the other, and she had hints of acne here and there. But, her imperfections blended well with her, and made her stunning. Her eyes were mesmerizing. They were open, wide, curious. They were big, and had just a slight slant to them. She could make herself look innocent, but also seductive. Her lips were smooth, and perfectly shaped, begging to be kissed. Her cheek bones were small, but left small, nearly invisible shadows on the side, one of her more adult features. Her hair color brought out her eyes, and matched perfectly with her pale skin. Small freckles sprinkled across her face. Her skin, pale and smooth, screamed to be touched.

Everything about her was alluring, and breath taking. She was created for this. And she knew she was good. She was built for pleasure. She was built to make people feel good, and be pleasured. No way was she a prostitute, no, she was a goddess. She would please those she wanted to, and be sure to be pleased back. She was a rare species among a species. A caring, understanding person, who put others feelings before herself. But she realized she could have anyone she wanted wrapped around her finger. And, with this power in mind, she left the bathroom, and went back to work.


I find love a fascinating thing. It’s something that grows, but has no size. It’s something that can’t be see, but is seen all the time. It’s something that brings people to their knees, both in a good way and bad. It’s the most powerful thing, yet some live without it. 

Old love will fade, but never leave me completely. I find that, as the days go on, it’s easier and easier to except what is, and what could be. To look forward to the endless possibilities that are stretched out beyond me. I’m so excited! Yes, I am very sad right now, but I am lucky to have amazing friends and a god awfully great mom to help me through this. I know I will find love again. I never really did give up on it. I mean, I love all my friends and my family very much. So it never abandoned me, I just stop looking at it. The poor thing, it was standing right in front of me, tears in it’s eyes, and open arms waiting for a hug. I fully embrace love now. I truly, have fallen in love with love.


Once upon a time I cared, and now I don’t.

Seriously? I don’t understand the point of love. It’s all “I’m going to amazing, and you’re gonna feel awesome, and walk on air” one moment, and then the next it’s all “Ha! I’m gone now. I hate you, and hopefully you’ll never see me again.”

Jeez, what a bitch. 

Of course, love does come around again. It’s magical, not in the same way, but a different way. It’s just soo amazing. But don’t hold your breath yet folks. Cus this cycle is probably going to happen at least 4 or 5 times in your life, or so they say. Then, by time you’re about ready to give up on everything, this all amazing, pure love comes forward. It saves the day, and you live happily ever after. Well jeez, what the fuck? Why didn’t you just come the first time around? Poop head. :P


So, I just got tumblr, and this is my first blog I suppose. So, apparently I can say anything I want? Of course, I wouldn’t want to put up something I didn’t want people to see, cus, obviously, people can see this. ;) 

So um. Well, my boyfriend of a year and half broke up with me. He told me he doesn’t love me anymore, and currently doesn’t want to talk to me. I guess that’s been the biggest thing going on in my insane little head lately. I’m not sure what to do with myself. Just been keeping busy, and trying new things, “hence this thing.” I’ve found that if I keep myself busy I can’t sit at home and cry. Which, who wants that? My poor pillows, their all “dude. Here she comes again. GAWD! It’s gonna be another flood.”

So but yaup. Guess we’ll see how this goes.